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Als erste Detailhändlerin der Schweiz schliesst die Migros den Plastikkreislauf: Sie führt einen eigenen Migros Plastik-Sammelsack ein, in dem neu praktisch alle Verpackungen aus Plastik gesammelt werden können. Aus dem gesammelten Plastikabfall sollen zukünftig Verpackungen für die Migros-Industrie hergestellt werden.


In the process of recycling, Swiss citizens are top in international comparison. In the case of plastics recycling, however, Switzerland could still grow. A pilot project is underway in Thurgau, where plastics, bottles and yoghurt cups can be recycled. go to Article.. (only german)

He saves plastic from the fire

Where others see waste, Martin Model sees valuable raw materials: his InnoPlastics AG makes plastic from new plastic. Still land too much of it in the refuse incineration plants, he finds. go to Article ... (only german)

Green visit green model

With the initiative 'For a Green Economy' the Greens want to curb the throw-away society. The Eschliker companies InnoRecycling AG and InnoPlastics AG are already struggling with recycling today. go to Article ... (only german)

Recycling silage wrap films is better than incinerating

When ensiling into round bales, large quantities of wrap film waste accumulate. The wrap films are usually incinerated in a rubbish incineration plant; very few are recycled. A new study shows that recycling would be well worth it from an environmental perspective. Read more

The FOEN View of Plastic Recycling

Plastic consumption is increasing. This also generates growing quantities of waste plastic. The authorities are working with plastics manufacturers and recyclers as well as retailers to consider which other disposal options are ecological and cost-effective. Not all waste plastic is viable recycling material. To the FOEN study

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