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for a positive Eco-Balance in plastic Products

ecological Alternative

Plastic regranulates are ecological products. They have versatile applications, are of high quality, and are cost-effective. For these reasons, their significance to all sectors of the plastics industry is constantly growing. As a producer of plastic regranulates, InnoPlastics AG is a specialist in this field.


InnoPlastics AG uses matured technology to process plastic waste into high-quality plastic regranulates. The company produces around 16,000 tonnes of these each year. Standard products include the following types of granules: LDPE sheets and pipe qualities (transparent, colored, or gray tones ); HDPE and HDPE-LDPE mixtures are available in black or color for pipe applications. On request, we can grind, wash, and granulate to order.

Years of experience

InnoPlastics AG, as the successor to Poly Recycling AG, builds on 30 years of experience in plastic recycling. Today it is one of the most respected and professional companies in the industry. Customers for InnoPlastics plastic regranulates include pipe and sheet manufacturers and injection-molding companies in Switzerland and the neighboring EU member state


l oil saved
kg CO2 saved

Als erste Detailhändlerin der Schweiz schliesst die Migros den Plastikkreislauf: Sie führt einen eigenen Migros Plastik-Sammelsack ein, in dem neu praktisch alle Verpackungen aus Plastik gesammelt werden können. Aus dem gesammelten Plastikabfall sollen zukünftig Verpackungen für die Migros-Industrie hergestellt werden.


In the process of recycling, Swiss citizens are top in international comparison. In the case of plastics recycling, however, Switzerland could still grow. A pilot project is underway in Thurgau, where plastics, bottles and yoghurt cups can be recycled. go to Article.. (only german)

He saves plastic from the fire

Where others see waste, Martin Model sees valuable raw materials: his InnoPlastics AG makes plastic from new plastic. Still land too much of it in the refuse incineration plants, he finds. go to Article ... (only german)

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