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InnoPlastics and InnoRecycling

Recycling is a term that dates from the 1920s. However, the subject has only become important and a hot topic in the past few years, also in the plastics industry. Ecological and economic aspects are increasingly persuasive nowadays and are finally rendering plastic recycling inevitable.

Two leading companies in this field are InnoRecycling and InnoPlastics. As major plastic recyclers, they not only offer a favorable alternative for the disposal of plastic waste, they also supply cost-effective raw materials of increasingly high performance. Good quality, sound advice, an ideal price/benefit ratio, and specifications in line with customer requirements make InnoRecycling and InnoPlastics an innovative center of excellence.


Positive Ecobalance

Recycling consumes approximately 50 percent less energy than the manufacture of primary plastic. It also generates significantly lower emissions. The eco-balance sheets prove the ecological advantage of plastic recycling.

As rubbish in waste incinerators, plastic is a burden on our economy; as an alternative raw material, however, it represents a net gain.

Energy expenditure - Production of primary plastics
Energy expenditure - Production of regranulates

Product and Service with Quality

Quality Assurance
InnoPlastics AG is dedicated to high quality. Application-oriented quality testing is the distinctive feature of InnoPlastics AG’s quality assurance system.

Application-Related Testing
Careful recording of data, from raw material to end product, guarantees traceability. Each product is based on a specification and manufactured according to parts lists. The end product is made uniform and finally undergoes an application-related inspection.

Specimen pipes are drawn for pipe qualities, and specimen sheets for sheet qualities. Test pieces are used for injection-molding qualities. The laboratory not only carries out visual checks, but tests of material thickness and melt flow rate (MFR). It also conducts buoyancy measurements and, depending on the application, tests of impact strength and other application-specific tests. DSC equipment is also at our customers’ disposal. The final assessment decides on clearance of the material. All test pieces, retained samples, and key figures are carefully archived.

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